Games in order of most recently worked on




Cash Panic Heroes

Current project - In progress - Started August 2017

Cash Panic Heroes is a money matching puzzle combat game.

My first time using Unity and my first time learning C#.

Match coins into higher denominations to clear the board and gain money to buy upgrades and special items mid-game. Matching colored energy coins gives you energy to use your heroes unique abilities. 

Selecting different heroes gives you access to new abilities to use in a round, while the items in the shop remain the same for every hero. The first hero to knock out the other wins!

All artwork is temporary while I work the gameplay out. That's totally not Alucard from SotN.

War of Nations

Designer from December 2016 - May 2017

War of Nations, similar to Kingdoms of Camelot, is a MMO mid-core strategy game. When RockYou (ex employer) purchased War of Nations from GREE. I was the sole game designer in charge of all design knowledge transfer from the GREE team to us, and then later on from us to our India team. I managed all design work for WoN and was in charge of training two new designers, creating new expansions/content/units, and approving all new content from India.

Kingdoms of Camelot

Designer from September 2015 - March 2017

A mid-core MMO facebook game. I started at Rock You as a Monetization Manager. When the previous designer moved onto another game within Rock You, I took over all Design responsibilities which included designing new features, new in-game items / troops / equipment, and was included in all leadership and sprint planning meetings. I oversaw training two new designers when we transitioned Kingdoms of Camelot to another India studio.

During my time as the lead designer of KoC I instituted several large changes to the game in addition to the standard content and new unit creation. One major change was to regularly speak to our players in our forums and hold regular conversation and discussion. Here I would start bi-weekly forum threads discussing upcoming features, and ask players what things we should focus on. This change (among many others) lead to many players hailing me as "the savior of KoC". Another change was the implementation of a combat balance change to many troops/units, which was the first time this had been done in the 7 year history of KoC. This change was well received and generated almost an entire months worth of revenue at a time when we were running short on new content after company lay offs. 

Run or Die

Level Designer from July 2014 - December 2014

I created every challenge level, designed new level chunks for the endless mode, and did testing for Run or Die.

Run or Die on Steam

College & game jams


Candy Shot 2

Candy Shot two is a puzzle game with a rotating bow/arrow that shoots puzzle pieces onto the playfield. This was a commissioned sequel to an old Flash game Candy Shot. Partway into the development, the company that hired our team broke their contract and cancelled the title.

Pumpin' 'n Jumpin'

A 48 hour game jam game. A runner style game with a rhythm game health regeneration system. You play as an ambulance driver who crashed his car. You have to deliver a heart to a dying kid. As you take damage, you can regenerate health by pumping the Spacebar in time with the EKG meter at the bottom of the screen.  At the end of the event every attendee voted in a number of categories. We won Most interesting use of the theme, most fun, and voters choice.


A 2D stealth game. A 48 hour game jam game. You play as the "entity", a snake-ish looking being that is damaged by light. You have to slink around the shadows and each the exit of the facility you are trapped in.

Student games

Sail the Random Seas

A small planet generator. Pressing "r" will generate several separate chunks of a planet. You can then sail around the planet's ocean(s), even looping around the planet. This simple college game was part of a course to teach scripting in javascript. The goal was just to make a "toy" game to mess around with, not a game with goals or win conditions.


A puzzle game where you control a red and blue player at the same time, where moving one character in a direction will move the other in the opposite direction. Each color player has a goal they must reach. Every time you move you increase a move-counter. Each level has par times and your goal is to reach the goal under par in each level.

till the fog

A text based adventure mystery. You read through a story and make choices throughout the game. The story will branch in several areas adn you can even die if you choose poorly over and over.